Thank You very much for deciding to market like a wholesaler.


Your order will be processed very shortly. I’ll use the information you’ve supplied to tally up your order and make an Invoice which I will email back to you. Once you’ve indicated how and when you’d like to pay, I’ll get you up on the schedule and away we’ll go.

Be looking for some other goodies along the way. I’ll be sharing your Lead Tracker via Google Docs as soon as it’s created. All of it depends on the list as I’m sure we’ve already discussed.

If you have a list ready for me, go ahead and email it to so I can start procesing it. If you intend to use to do your mailings, let me give you a few tips on creating a good list:

Your List is Arguably the most important component

People tend to be too selective thinking they can game the system. Data services get their info from public records, and public records are notoriously inconsistent. If you filter for say, bedrooms, and a record does not have that data (even though the house most certainly does), it will return a zero. So we want to use as few filters as possible to avoid the zero effect. For example, if in fact the majority of the homes have 3 beds or greater, you’d do just as well to leave that filter out.
In one list I built, not one record in the entire state had bathrooms recorded. I ran my list and got zero, nada, nill returns. Imagine that! Not one toilet in the entire State…
Me, personally, if I were getting started in an area with the population of yours, I would build two equity lists. One of absentees:
  • Absentee Owned, in and Out of State (I have done far more deals with people across town than I have cross country)
  • 40% or greater equity
  • Total Assessment 300k or less ( I always go just north of my comfort zone knowing that I will talk them into my range)
  • SFR,
  • Exclude corporate
  • Include Trusts
That’s it. Second list for Owner Occupants:
  • Owner Occupied
  • 80% or greater equity
  • Total Assessment 75k to 155k (bread and butter homes here, you may have to adjust for your market)
  • SFR
  • Aged 65 +
That list returns a group ready or soon to be ready to downsize. With either list, if it returns more names than you want, simply toggle up the equity to narrow it down.
Hope that helps.
Thanks again, I’m sure we’ll be speaking soon.