DFW Properties

Out of State, or Out of Area Investors Need Good Boots on The Ground


There are 3 ways I can help you according to your need.

1) We can shoot the breeze and you can ask me all the questions you like about DFW. Much easier for me to elaborate if you’re asking specific questions.

2) I work with a great Agent here in town, and finding properties for out of state investors is exactly what we do. She can set you up with ongoing property search that will alert you each time a property meeting your criteria comes on the market. When you see one that you really like, I’m the boots on the ground; I’ll go check it out, do a repair estimate, run rental comps, shoot pictures and video if need be. When you find one you want to make an offer on, Angie represents you, and I can tell you she negotiates like a bull dog! We have New Options, and can charge hourly or standard commission rates.

3) I can set you up with a direct mail campaign, and you can find your own off market properties from motivated sellers. I could offer limited support once the campaign was initiated as far as negotiating and actually viewing properties, but we could likely make some arrangement.

Hope you’re in for option number 2 as that one is the most fun! What ever works best for you, just let me know.